Wholesale food is our focus. Customer service is our priority.

A&J Global Foods specialize in wholesale food sales. In addition to overstocks and close-dated, we can source top-quality products in retail and food service packaging.

And to make everything easy for you, we facilitate the entire process of ordering, freight and billing.

Customers we serve

At A&J Global Foods, we have a network of more than 400 trusted buying partners across the U.S., including discount retailers, salvage operations, correctional facilities, food bank organizations and exporters.


Food Banks

A&J Global Foods can supply food banks of all sizes. We offering bulk and retail-ready product direct from top-quality manufacturers and suppliers. Our goal is to provide the most nutritious products, competitive pricing and reliable shipping.

We focus on supporting as many diverse food-bank needs as we can, including:

  • Backpack
  • Summer meals
  • On-site meals
  • Standard agency needs

Correctional Facilities

A&J Global Foods has more than 75 years of combined experience servicing state and federal correctional facilities. As a member of the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates since 2006, we strive to fulfill each customer’s unique needs by providing products from top-quality suppliers.

Corrections industry customers rely on us because of our extensive network of manufacturers and products and our stellar customer service.


Secondary Grocery Market

Our team of buyers develop long-term relationships with manufacturers that help keep retail outlet shelves filled with the most diverse and competitively priced products. We have the unique ability to offer frozen and dry grocery in full load or LTL quantities.

No quantity that is too small or large for us to handle because we distribute products to multiple markets nationally.

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Overstock and surplus

Seasonal products

Short-coded or close-dated

UPC and pack size changes

Slow-moving inventory

Ingredient changes

Off spec production

Packaging changes

Cancelled orders

Closeout or discontinued

Sourcing or selling products?

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